Monday, 6 October 2008

Starting Blocks

My house is filled with plastic, it's more than likely that yours is too.

Looking in front of me I see two plastic ducks, a plastic cup (the kind used for small children to drink out of in the hope that they wont break anything too expensive when they drop their Ribena on your priceless white carpet), a plastic keyring, four pneumatic fittings with plastic ends, and my plastic safety sun glasses.

Am I shocked and horrified? Should I be punishing myself for having such a huge amount of future land fill?

Possibly but I'm not really into self harm.

The first thing to do when wanting to use less plastic is to look at what plastic you already have, taking one room at a time.

This evening (I can't walk far enough to make it worth going out tonight) I'll be doing a stock check of the bathroom (by the end of this my house will never have been so organised!) Because if I'm going to start looking to alternatives I'm going to need to know what I use... and importantly, what I'm about to run out of. No one likes running out of toilet roll, but as far as budgets are concerned no likes paying all that much for it either.

The second important thing to start reading up on is what plastic can be recycled, and for some - just where you can recycle it. I am unlucky in that (unlike my parents who live three miles away) my little recycling bin (that goes out with the regular bin and the "garden waste" bin) only recycles glass, tin cans and paper.

Wish me luck you never know what I might find in there!

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