Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Easy Guide To Plastic Bottles

Many thanks to the BBC! They provide a wonderful list on this web page...

I'm finding their website very grown up but it is absolutely packed full of information!

Name: Polyethylene terephthalate
Known as: PET
Used in: Fizzy drink bottles and oven-ready meal trays.

Name: High-density polyethylene
Known as: HDPE
Used in: Bottles for milk and washing-up liquids

Name: Polyvinyl chloride
Known as: PVC
Used in: Food trays, cling film, bottles for squash, mineral water and shampoo

Name: Low density polyethylene
Known as: LDPE
Used in: Carrier bags and bin liners.

Name: Polypropylene
Known as: PP
Used in: Margarine tubs, microwaveable meal trays.

Name: Polystyrene
Known as: PS
Used in: Yoghurt pots, foam meat or fish trays, hamburger boxes and egg cartons, vending cups, plastic cutlery

This last category is used for all other plastics, such as melamine – often used in plastic cups and plates

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