Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Kitchen - Stock Check

If you thought the bathroom was full of plastic you'll be amazed at how much plastic you can force into one (rather disorganised) cupboard under the kitchen sink.

The List...

Things I rather like
  • Ecover ecological washing up liquid x 3 litres
  • Sainsburys Biological Gel Capsules x 900 ml (I know these aren't very good for my task but when my pain levels are high I find these a life saver - no fiddling around with arms that wont work trying to fill the washing machine drawer up with powder)
  • Flash Power Mop Cleaning Liquid x 2 litre (another huge life saver on the cripple front, it's so light and easy to use)
  • Flash Power Mop cleaning pads (see the cripple excuse above)
Things I could live without
  • Bleach x 2 litres
  • CIF oven cleaner x 500 ml
  • W5 bathroom cleaner x 1 litre
  • Grout Cleaner x 500 ml (and adding it here isn't just an excuse to avoid cleaning the bathroom tiles)
  • Pledge Soap Cleaner For Wood x 1 litre
  • Mr Muscle Cleaner x 750 ml
  • Ecover Floor Soap x 1 litre
Things I don't use but haven't recycled yet
  • Ant stop x 600 ml (if the ants are brave enough to walk through my kitchen they deserve the cake!)
  • Sink Unblocker x 1 litre (it smells so nasty!)
This isn't my whole kitchen - this is just one cupboard! If you look around the rest of the room you will see lots more plastic - the fridge must be full of it. Most of this seems to be cleaning material - so it's a case of getting out the lemon and vinegar and cleaning like your great - grandma did! At least now my house wont smell of chemicals.

My two keeps for this room are the Ecover ecological washing up liquid and Sainsburys Biological Gel Capsules. When I've got everything else on track I will start coming up with alternatives for these. But until then I will keep them and hope that the energy I save in using them will mean I will have that extra bit of strength to work harder on the rest.

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