Saturday, 24 January 2009

Skin So Soft

The biggest waste in my bathroom (I'll start on some other rooms in the house this year - honest!!) are the disposable razors. I've been meaning to pluck up the courage to get around to sorting this since I read Fake Plastic Fish 's post here....

Only I'm a coward.

My irrational fear of cutting my body to bits like a teenager with emotional issues to going to be put to the test as I now own a "Happiness double blade safety razor". I've no idea how old it is all I can tell you is that was made in the "People's Republic Of China" (which Wikipedia informs me only came about on 1 October 1949) and I have seen the blades for sale all over Ebay.

Wish me luck, if ladies in 1915 where able to cope with razors like this and people still today drive cars older than 1949 we should soon be walking out with nice smooth... un cut.... legs.

(Except that it's cold outside)